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The Future of our Field
After more than a decade of enjoying the prestige of being one of the most highly sought-after specialties in the medical student match process, there have been troubling signs in the past few years that something was amiss. In 2019, the number of medical students who initially matched into radiation oncology declined with multiple slots unfilled.

New Gender Equity Community opens in the RO
As part of the message of the 62nd Annual Meeting, Global Oncology: Radiation Therapy in a Changing World, we realize many of the physical and ideological barriers once separating people in health care and in the workplace — geography, language, culture, time zones — have been diminished in part due to technology.1

Mutlay Syan MD, ASTRO Member, ASTRO Member-in-Training named 2020 STAT Wunderkind
ASTRO Member-in-Training Mutlay Sayan, MD, was recently recognized as a 2020 STAT Wunderkind. Nominated by his mentor, Salma Jabbour, MD, Dr. Sayan was selected among thousands of nominees to join the honored group of “the most impressive doctors and researchers on the cusp of launching their careers, but not yet fully independent.”