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    I believe there are too many programs with small numbers and not enough cases making the residents go ... See more

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    The following is my opinion alone. The results of match this year show the field is suffering from bad ... See more

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    I am in total agreement with that observation.  They need to be reasonable or there will be diminished ... See more

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The Residency Training Landscape 
Last week we saw medical students across the country open envelopes to learn which medical center and specialty they matched with for their residency. For the first time in memory, there was a gap in the number of matches for radiation oncology with 29 slots going unfilled.Many have asked, what could, or should ASTRO or others have done to prevent this?

Patient Safety Awareness Week is Just Around the Corner

Patient Safety Awareness WeekTM (PSAW), sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is March 10-16, 2019. It is a time to celebrate the numerous quality and safety initiatives already taking place and identify what more can be done to improve patient safety.

Enhanced Co-Author and Conflict of Interest Verification Processes at the Red Journal
Conflicts of interest and authorship status in research are attracting increasing scrutiny, with recent high-profile detections resulting in national media coverage, disgrace of respected thought leaders, and pledges for major reform from institutions and individuals alike.

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